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Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy refers to counseling sessions that take place outside of the office while walking outdoors. It can often be easier to talk about difficult topics or uncomfortable emotions while walking side by side in nature rather than facing each other in an office. The literal movement can facilitate the metaphorical movement of becoming 'unstuck.' Additionally, being outdoors while getting some light exercise is stress-relieving, generates positive emotions, and appears to boost working memory and creativity—all of which not only support therapeutic changes but are therapeutic in and of themselves.

Some possible locations for walk and talk therapy include:

  • The Warner Parks

  • Bells Bend

  • Shelby Bottoms Greenway

  • Radnor Lake

While little research has been done specifically about walk and talk therapy, a vast body of research shows the positive effects of being in nature and exercise on mood, anxiety, rumination, and memory. 

These articles detail the benefits of being in nature:

And of course, aside from the benefits of being outdoors, walking in itself has mood elevating benefits. See these articles below:

Do not fail
to learn from
The pure voice of an
Ever-flowing mountain stream
Splashing over the rocks.”
— Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace

Walk and Talk 50 min/$100, 80 min/ $125