Adolescence is a complicated time where one often acutely feels the discomfort of being in between childhood and adulthood.

Emotions and events are experienced very intensely. The highs are high and the lows are low. Adolescents often are inundated with many conflicting messages from what their parents want and expect of them, what their friends want and expect of them, and pressures of how to look and act.

Teens often need help figuring out healthy boundaries, asserting more independence, navigating peer and romantic relationships, and the shifting roles and boundaries between parent and child. They are finding their footing in all of these areas while juggling school, extracurriculars, and feeling the pressure to know who they are in the world and what they should do.  All of this can be chaotic and overwhelming, making it hard for teenagers to know what they truly want and need.

In adolescence the brain goes through a period of intense absorption of knowledge and pruning of what is not being used, as happens in the first few years of life. Thus adolescense presents an opportunity to learn and practice healthy coping skills and to learn how to handle distress and build positive emotions. These are skills that can serve somebody for a lifetime.