My Approach

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My counseling approach is heart-centered and holistic.

My job is to attune myself to you, and from this attunement, help you access and expand upon your own inner and outer resources and to tap into your body’s innate drive towards healing.

To attend to this, I weave together compassion, humor, and flexibility to blend talk therapy with somatic or deep brain therapies, intentional movement, meditation and mindfulness. 

Research and practices from the fields of neuroscience, traumatology, positive psychology, neurocardiology, somatic therapies, existential therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, and contemplative traditions inform my practice.

The therapeutic process often involves working through unresolved traumas (big and small), and identifying patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that keep us trapped in suffering. With awareness, we create choice. In my practice, brain/body based therapies are combined with intentional movement, with mindfulness/meditation, and with talk therapy to move you towards the life you want. Our relationship is collaborative. You are the expert on yourself and your organism, and I am your companion and guide and can offer you specific education and tips.

I have training in incorporating meditation and mindfulness in psychotherapy (Tara Brach’s meditation in psychotherapy)  in yoga for trauma and resiliency (Sacred Roots Wellness), and in Brainspotting (a brain based therapy, similar to EMDR). I also draw from my own daily meditation practice in my work with clients.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
— Rumi