Why Counseling?


Counseling is a space where you can be deeply listened to and accepted. Within this space of compassionate listening, the seeds of growth and healing find a fertile ground.

When you are seen, heard, and embraced in the fullness of all of your insecurities, imperfections, vulnerabilities and strengths, it suddenly feels possible for you to accept yourself more fully, to let go of some of the fears. And having the courage to bring a voice to that which you fear or that which has wounded you takes away some of its power.  Energy that once was directed to hiding and denying and getting by is freed up to pour into that which your heart truly desires. 

The counseling process can be a powerful way to learn how to use and increase your inner resources and how to access external resources as well. It is a tool to re-connect and realign first with yourself and then with others, restoring trust in your ability to live a fulfilling life and reminding you that you are worthy of doing so.

Counseling is a safe place to become aware of habitual patterns of reacting. It can help you discover the link between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In moving our habitual patterns into conscious awareness, we are empowered to choose to act differently. When they remain unconscious, they control us.

It is also a place to learn and practice strong self-regulation skills. Not only do these increase our resilience, our capacity to experience positive emotions, and our ability to remain energized in the face of adversity, but without these skills we are constantly tossed around by our experiences, feeling uncentered and reactive.

This self-exploration and desire for healing and growth is often uncomfortable. It takes courage, and it can be helpful to have a guide to work through the discomfort with you.

In the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”
— Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
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